Dirt and Poo

 What better way to spend naptime than posting on my blog?  It gives me an excuse to sit in the recliner with the fan blowing directly on me and not oscillating!  

On our way to the truck stop this morning, Dave said, “So, it’s gonna be a lazy day, huh?”  Uhh… Where did you get that idea, honey?  I just got done digging up the ground at the base of the raised bed, then dumping eight bags of topsoil and two bags of manure into it.  I could probably use another five bags of dirt, especially since it will compact once it gets wet.  I’ve never used humus/manure before; I swear, when I cut open the bags, judging from the smell I thought actual cow turds were going to tumble out.  That stuff stinks!  The flies immediately flocked to the area.  And, of course, Violet wanted to help.  I thanked her, but suggested she get back into her new wading pool (which I bought at Walmart this morning).  So now Violet’s raised bed is all ready and waiting for the plants that are probably going to arrive tomorrow.

Violet had a BLAST! playing in her new pool.  I think it made worthwhile having to ride back home from town with the pool touching the top of her head.  I bought a new hose at Walmart also and hooked it up when we got home, so the water that filled the pool was ice cold.  It took Vi about fifteen minutes of standing in the pool and splashing with her feet before she finally sat down.  I would expect her to take a long-ish nap, but you never can tell.  When she wakes up, we’re going to Mom’s for dinner.  I hope grilled hot dogs are on the menu.  There’s nothing like blackened hot dogs. Yum!


One response to “Dirt and Poo

  1. I know what you mean about the cold water. We used to heat kettles and kettle of water to pour in to warm it up a little.

    Violet has the cutest, happy face ever!

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