Good times!


This picture gave Violet belly laughs!

What a good day today was!  There was a moment this morning when Mom and I were sitting outside under the trees and I said, “I’ve been in such a good mood the past few days.”  Mom immediately agreed that she, too, has had high spirits these past several days.  It’s because we’ve been so productive with our various projects.   Some accomplishments were big, some seem small, but altogether a wonderful weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

      There’s nothing like getting something — anything — done to make me feel like I’m making a difference and not just trudging through laundry and washing dishes every day.  More seeds have been planted; I cleaned out and reorganized the spice cabinet (what a mess!); two boxes have been filling up with stuff to give away (one for a church yard sale and one for the Mountain Mission truck); salt dough ornaments are (still) drying in Mom’s oven; four beautiful birds (2 red and 2 gold) have been sewn together; I cleared up some of the clutter that appeared to have taken up permanent residence in the living room; and today we finished building the raised bed for Violet’s shade garden!


Vi helped build her garden.

The raised bed wasn’t hard to build.  I used a circular saw for the first time in my life…and I liked it!  Power tools make me feel power-full.  We were four screws short, but that is easily remedied the  next time we go into town.  Now I just need to buy dirt to fill the bed.  I ordered some plants online at and they’re due to arrive May 30.  Bluestone is having a great Spring Clearance sale and I couldn’t help buying a few things for Violet’s garden.

     One more thing I did today was bake a cherry crisp (YUM!) for a dessert auction tomorrow.   Our church is teaming up with other Methodist churches in our district to raise funds for a local mission.  There will be delicious barbecue for sale, by the plate or by the pound.  I may have to go and buy back the cherry crisp I made, because that smelled so good!  If there had been a way to sneak a spoonful without it being noticed, I probably would have done it.  


5 responses to “Good times!

  1. I love Vi’s little tool box! Are they actually kids tools are is she helping carry yours?

    All your gardening got me excited about planting some veggies so I picked up a few while out flower shopping on Friday. Going to try onions, green peppers, snap peas, cucumbers, broccoli, and romaine! I only got 1-2 plants of each this year to try. My problem isn’t space, it is space with lots of sun! Those 55+ year old maples in the back shade all the way to the front. Discovered yesterday that I get more sun on the neighboring side of fence then I though (forgot she chopped down all of her maples) so I’m going to turm a deck box into a container/raised bed and put it along that side.

    • That’s great! You have to keep my updated on how your “little” garden is going. Sounds like you got a lot of plants. You may want to do a little research on the lettuce and broccoli. They’re usually planted early in Spring, when it’s still cold. Lettuce especially doesn’t like hot summer / being in direct sunlight. You may want to put it in a partially shaded area, or else it will “bolt”, which I believe means it will turn to seed and become bitter.

  2. Researching is how I spent my Friday night! Woo hoo! I have a little notebook with notes on optimal watering, lighting, and soil conditions for each of the plants I bought. My goal this year is to at least successfully grow two of these veggies.

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