Christmas in… May?



     You’ve probably heard of Christmas in July, but I feel like it’s Christmas in May around here.  I’ve been looking at Christmas crafts books every day for the past two weeks and I love it!  One thing I love even more than flipping pages in books is shopping and today I bought some more supplies to add to my stash!  Rather than go out and buy everything I need at once — and no doubt pay more than I need to — I’ve decided to get a bit at a time, watching the sales and using the weekly 40% off coupon.  Considering that right now I’m paying out-of-pocket and waiting for reimbursement, it’s not a bad idea to pinch pennies.  The odd trio of supplies I got today will go toward making two different crafts.  I bought two sheets of foam board (on sale 50% off), gesso primer (used the 40% off coupon) and ½ yard of red upholstery fabric.  The foam board and gesso will be used to make very pretty star ornaments; I still need a few more supplies for the ornaments.  The fabric will be used to make lovely Christmas birds (see picture).  I can’t wait to start making samples!


2 responses to “Christmas in… May?

    • Welllll…. I’m not exactly sure. On a hunch, I found it in the painting section and there were some that said “Gesso canvas primer,” so I think artists use it to put on their canvases before they create their masterpieces. I’m using it to cover foam board before then putting on Plaster of Paris, so I guess it’s a kind of sealant.

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