Casualties of War

my herb garden


 Today was a very productive day!  After church, Mom, Violet and I went to Lowe’s.  It was vital that we buy some fencing to put around the garden since *gasp* we have suffered the first casualties of war and it was a big blow.  90% of our fledgling bean crop is suddenly and inexplicably missing.  A bunch of tomato plants are gone too.  I think the rabbits ate them.  Rabbit stew, anyone?  So we got fencing, fence posts, some new tomato plants, a few jalapenos (that was me), basil, oregano, cilantro and lavender.  I planted the herbs in what I’m now calling my herb garden — where the pond used to be — but will eventually hold sun-loving annuals and perennials of all kinds.      

Try getting in now, rabbits!

     Mom is awesome!  She put up the fencing around half of the garden plot; the only crop that has been planted but is not within the fencing is corn.  We have a lot more room to plant seeds, too.  I covered the bottom of the fencing with dirt, so hopefully the rabbits can’t crawl under it.  The only things we have to worry about now are moles, birds, and bugs.  Is that all?  Mom also planted four blueberry bushes!  We won’t get many berries this year, but hopefully next year there will be a lot more.

Mr. Lizard by the back door

     Needless to say, we were all very tired by this evening.  Violet took a 3-hour nap and that is unheard of these days! 


7 responses to “Casualties of War

  1. We bought “dried blood” at Home Depot (I think) and sprinkled that around my young plants to discourage rabbits and squirrels from stealing our plants. It seemed to help. Sounds gross, but whatever works.

  2. Good Job guys!!! Glad to see the garden working out. Wish I was as ambitious 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday Mom! Keep up all the good work. I think you are doing a wonderful job on your blog Jen. Congrats 🙂

  3. Good luck keeping the rabbits away. The garden looks great! You have me wanting to grow some veggies – I don’t have a good place for a garden tho. Think I may have to try a few in containers for now.

    • I’m wondering if the birds didn’t play a part in the destruction. 😦 I need to make a scarecrow.
      And if I remember correctly, you have plenty of room for a garden! Think raised beds in the backyard/sideyard. Get creative with your space and you could do a lot!

  4. Christine-you’ll a large space in the backyard soon. 🙂

    Jen-it’s not as gross as it sounds.

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