Today Violet and I had a blast at the park with our friends.  Violet didn’t seem to care that there was another little girl there her age, but her Mommy sure did enjoy hanging out with another adult!  I enjoyed myself more than I have in a while.  After what seemed like a biblical amount of rain, this was the most beautiful day we’ve had in a very long time — possibly all Spring.  Violet’s personality has changed in the past couple of months and she is no longer afraid of the swings, or of anything else at the park for that matter.  She doesn’t like to go too high on the swing, but she was going down the slide — with no help from me — over and over again.  At the end of our playdate she even went down the “big” slide.  I think “Whee!” was the word of the day.  🙂

          I finished Under the Dome last night. Usually, I’m a little sad when I finish a good book, because I hate to say goodbye to the characters and it has been such fun reading the story.  This time, however, I feel a sense of renewed freedom.  I loved the book to the point of being held captive by it.  Now I can get back to some other projects that have been neglected.

     I’m still looking through craft books for ideas for the bazaar.  By the time I’m done, I should have enough ideas for the next several years!  There’s no way all these crafts can be made this year — or even next — but I am putting together quite a reference notebook for the future!  Also, I’m getting more nervous about the actual get-together-and-craft-with-other-people part of this project.  It’s the thought of having to instruct other people that I have qualms about.  I swear I think I have Social Anxiety Disorder.  I keep telling myself that I’ll be fine; no one is going to eat me alive or cover me in Aleene’s Tacky Glue and decorative feathers. 


Vi's "Derby hat"

Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday.  We don’t have anything more exciting than gardening planned.  Well, unless you count homemade peach cobbler.  And also Dave is coming home!  Yay!


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