Thanks for the tip.

     Thanks go to my husband for pointing out that I can change the tagline of my blog from “just another site” to something more appropriate for me.  It only took me two full days to decide what my new tagline should be; it came to me in the shower this morning.  The important question I kept asking myself is “What is this blog going to be about?”  I won’t use this venue to air my dirty laundry or complain about people who’ve done me wrong.  Only positive energy here.  I want to show off my accomplishments — not only to y’all, but  also to myself!  Maybe mostly to myself.  The same words kept coming up over and over again:  family, gardening, crafts, scrapbooking, cooking… all the things I love to do, all the things that consume my life these days.  They all stem from my creative personality… EUREKA!   “Creating.”  I’ve created a family (with some help from my husband, ha ha), I’m slowly but surely creating a beautiful environment in which to live…

     What about that part about living 400 miles from home, you ask?  Well, it’s full of irony, since I’ve lived in this house for 3 years now and obviously it is my home.  But how can a person live in a place for twenty years and so quickly dismiss it as not being “home” anymore?  I still feel like Michigan is home to me, in a way.  I have friends and family there (more than are here), I know all the roads, all the little shops, the ins and outs of daily life in the metro area.  It is comfortable to me.  Here, I’ve begun to grow roots.  Small roots, tender roots, but roots just the same.  It is harder to meet people when you’re older (it was so easy in grade school!), especially when you’re a shy homebody like me.  I like it here in the country and I’m determined to create a life here. 

     I was telling Dave about something that happened the other day and I said something about “the people that live here,” meaning the people that live in our area, our state (excluding me, as if I was somehow above these other hillbillies).  Dave looked at me and said, “YOU live here.”  Oh yeah.  Thanks for the tip, honey. 


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