Didja miss me?

We’ve been busy on The Estate (that’s what I’ve started calling our property) planting seeds and seedlings in the garden, building a raised bed in what will be my daughter’s shade garden and getting a few things around the house fixed.   Oh yeah, and I have 13 books checked out of the library, too! 

First things first:

We finally got seeds in the ground!  Mom and I (and Violet) started planting seeds on Tuesday, May 10.  It was such a relief to finally get this [garden] party started!  So far, corn, beans, onions, peanuts and marigold seeds have been planted, along with tomato and pepper seedlings.  It’s been raining all day today, so I don’t have to worry about watering it this weekend.  Violet liked playing in the dirt for about 3 minutes, then she was bored.  The next day I put a bunch of toys outside for her to play with and that kept her occupied for a long time. 

Thursday we started work on the raised bed that will be Violet’s shade garden.  It’s in the front yard between two large trees.  I bought a  welded iron chair for Violet at the Home & Garden Show last month and it will go perfectly there.  I’d like to buy a garden gnome or something like that for extra interest as well.  But first I have to finish putting together the raised bed!  Here’s a picture of what I have so far:


Yeah, and that’s Violet giving me her cheesy smile.  🙂

Did I mention that I have 13 books checked out of the library?  Well, there’s this project I kind of volunteered to be in charge of…  I’ve never been in charge of anything in my life, so I’m a little nervous about it.  You see, every year the women’s group at my church has a bazaar a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  Lots of baked goods, books, some crafts, a white elephant table, etc.  I think it would be wonderful if a bunch of people got together this summer and made crafts for the sale.  Easy things to make that won’t cost too much in materials.  I’d like to focus on Christmas ornaments and small gifts.  The women’s group cut me a check to buy materials and the first meetup date is in 3 weeks!  Ack!  So I’ve got a bunch of books stacked on my kitchen table, with little pieces of paper marking possibilities.  If you have any good ideas, feel free to send them my way!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m on page 647 of Stephen King’s The Dome   and I’ve got to get back to it!


4 responses to “Didja miss me?

  1. Love the gardens and the blog! Great job! 🙂

    Don’t be nervous about taking on the project at church! I know you will do great with it!!! You’re crafty & creative! Besides “never been in charge of anything in your life”??? How about your home & your family?! I think you should have a little more faith in your ability to organize & take charge!!!

  2. Hello Jen-I-Fer, nice to see the blog space, something that I have wanted to do but really not sure if I want my thoughs floating on the WWW. LOL My mom has read the dome and love it….Good luck on your garden, I will be back to post my snippets about your snippets..Keep up all the good work.. 🙂

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